Dolphin s300i Servo Overload


Jun 24, 2018
I bought my Dolphins two years ago and have used it less than 100x. For the last two weekends in a row, it has run for around 45-1hr and then stopped. I unplug it, start it back up and it runs for 5-10 mins then stops. The Control module stays lit up. I can also remote control it using my phone. The app says “Servo Overload Reset Robot” I click Reset Robot and nothing happens. I click ok and nothing happens. When I pull the cleaner from the pool I can hear a slight hum. I’ve inspected the propeller and the gear and there is no debris in the way. This cleaner is pretty much brand new and stored in my garage. Any help would be appreciated. I emailed Dolphin as well. Thank you.

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SF, it's been almost 3 weeks since you posted. Any luck with that servo issue? Was your Dolphin still under warranty? If you still need help, reply back and we'll tag some fellow Dolphin owners who may have missed your question. Maybe someone can help. Have a good day. :swim:


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May 28, 2016
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That is frustrating. Mine does the same thing but I have had it three years. I have found "most" of the time it is debri or hair but it surely seems to do it when there is nothing impeding the impeller.