Dolphin S200/Active 20/Doheny Discovery vs Aquabot Breeze IQ


Sep 25, 2013
Looking for a robotic cleaner for 16x36 in-ground vinyl liner pool with side steps. Want to clean to waterline. Had an Aquabot Turbo Classic that lasted 15+ years and needed only basic maintenance - fairly durable, cleaned well, bag picked up dead algae, but hated cleaning the filter bag. Like the idea of the new top-loading filter baskets. Looking at Aquabot vs Dolphin.

Features desired:
- ability to climb vertical walls to waterline
- won't get stuck on ladders
- not concerned with cleaning speed, but would like excellent coverage and dirt pickup
- would like an easy-to-clean filter (probably the filter basket style?)
- needs to filter down to 2 microns consistently to capture dead algae.
- ideally don't want bluetooth or phone app control - just paying extra for technology that I don't need ot will eventually break.
- swivel cable would be good to avoid tangling, but not a deal-breaker
- needs to be durable and easy-to-repair & maintain

Looking at the following models:
- *Dolphin S200 / Active 20 / Doheny Discovery
- Dolphin S300 / Active 30
- Dolphin Oasis Z5
- Dolphin Triton (2017) w/Powerstream
- *Aquabot Breeze IQ
- Aquabot Classic Platinum
- Aquabot Elite (2017)

Leaning toward the Active 20, Active 30, or Breeze IQ. Really like the idea of the dual-media filter baskets on the Dolphin Active models. The new Aquabot Elite looks like a nice unit, but seems like there are a number of complaints on Amazon (Aquabot says initial problems with the Elite are now fixed). Seems like you get a lot more for your money with the ACTIVE 20, and BREEZE IQ, without a lot of unnecessary technology that costs extra $$. I think I have narrowed down my choices to those 2 models. Has anyone evaluated both side-by-side? Any opinions you can share?

Any suggestions/feedback you can provide would be highly apppreciated.


Sep 25, 2013
Yes, read through most of the 33 pages already - great thread. Interested to know if anyone has compared it to the Aquabot Breeze IQ or had any experience with the Breeze IQ.
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