Dolphin Premier, s300 or...


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Jan 7, 2019
Odessa, tx
The wife decided we wanted a new house with a pool and it feels like I've adopted another child. Using the pool calculator I'm figuring close to 20k gallons. Kidney shaped with a 10' deep end. It didn't come with a vacuum system so all I've done is skimming trying to stay ahead of the leaves. The floor is filthy and I know if I don't get ahead I probably won't. I have looked into premier mostly because it's the most expensive and that typically means best but reading on here maybe the Mercury or Discovery could be suitable also.

What's everyone's thoughts. I really like the larger bin on the Doheny's but don't mind spending a little more of the Premier is more capable.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Welcome to TFP.. A great place to find the answers to all of your "Adopted" problem children questions... :shark:

I have had the Premier for the past four or five years and it works great for me... But... I do not have many leaves at all... which is good because there is not a lot of room for leaves in the Premier..

If I had leaves I would be looking at the S300/200...

In fact I bought the S200 for my daughter for Christmas as she gets a ton of leaves.. Have yet to unbox it. The S300 has the remote and extra features that she would just never use, so I went with the S200... Assuming it works well, I plan to buy another one for a rent house, once the current 15 year old Dolphin quits working.

When my Premier gives up, I plan to buy the S300, or whatever it is by then, for me...

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.