Dolphin Premier halts on first backward direction


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May 8, 2014
Charleston, SC
Have a Dolphin Premier that has been a godsend - totally reliable. Yesterday, after cleaning the screens and starting its pool route, I noticed that it would go forward, then do its back "turn-around," and then just stop. Restarted several times with the same result. Any suggestions about what the problem might be?
Thanks, in advance, for any ideas!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I am not the go-to-guy, but...

Dolphin's do a start up test routine where they go forward a little, then back up a little.. If the test fails the Dolphin will just stop.

As a general rule it means that the unit must be sent in for repairs... The only two things that you can do is... One, make sure the impeller at the top is rotating.. They can get jammed with debris.. And two, make sure the that one of the tracks has not come off its rollers.. Pretty easy to see..

The problem can be in the power supply or the unit itself, so both would have to go in.


Jim R.