Dolphin Pool Cleaners - what do you have for your pool?


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Apr 29, 2017
Hello All! We're new to pool ownership and are looking into purchasing a Dolphin pool cleaner. The folks we purchased our house from had one and loved it, but took it with them. In doing research there are so many different models to choose from ... some come with a caddy, some do not. If you have a Dolphin pool cleaner, please let us know the following:

What model you have?
Do you have a caddy / would you recommend getting one?
What extras have you also purchased?
Any other tid bids you'd like to share!

Thanks so much for your input! :wave:

thebigwoo pool: IG / 16,800 gallons / concrete + fiberglass


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all Dolphin lovers... :shark:

I have three Dolphin cleaners and love them. Two are very old and the one at my house is a newer one, but not the latest version.

If I lost one of them today, I'd have one of the newest models on the way before the sunset.

Here is a long, long, thread on the latest models...

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.

Paul & Crystal

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May 25, 2014
Oklahoma City, OK
I have the Dolphin M500 because:

Dual motors with zero radius turn capability.
Third brush.
Filters something like 4000+ gallons per hour.
Top loading cartridge filters.
3 year bumper to bumper warranty with local service.
DIY reasonably priced and easily available replacement parts.
Caddy and remote. Yes I use the caddy all the time. Robots are not exactly light weight. I take mine out of the pool after each use. The filters have to be cleaned anyway. I keep it in the pool house. Caddy use will depend on how far your pool is from your storage area and whether or not you mind lugging large heavy things around I guess. If you plan to leave it in the pool all the time then maybe it doesn't matter as much. I love having the caddy. I haven't used the remote but I will eventually.
Just looks really cool. I like the color scheme. Blue and gray.

The S series Dolphin cleaners are also very nice. Many people here also love the Doheny's Discovery as well.

Best of luck in your search!



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Jun 7, 2011
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Well I'm one of the other Dolphin fanboys. Crystal is one of the latest big Premier M5 fans around here.

Welcome to TFP!! :wave:

Going on season four with mine now, and the M5 will make a believer out of you. Crystal covered it well, and we all sound goofy over these machines, but once you have a good Robot, you'll understand why. I love the remote, and use it all the time. Once in a while to drive it somewhere I want, but every time for certain features, timers, etc. I want the caddy and use it when I move him inside. Which, will be more often like I did when it was new.

Other people here are very passionate about theirs, but so far these and other Dolphins seem to get the most praise. Theres a huge thread on the Discovery, and I'm starting to think we need a Premier owners club thread around here too.

You might check that out and see what you find, because people are rabid about that one as well.


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Mar 30, 2014
Tucson, AZ
+1 for the Dolphin robots! I've owned a Nautilus Plus for 2 years and love it for many reasons:

1) The primary reason is the top loading filters. They are MUCH easier to access for cleaning than the bottom loader type.
2) The second reason is the fine mesh filters will pick up debris as small as some pollen! I've been amazed by how much detritus comes out of the filters after a cleaner session.
3) The third reason is the user replaceable parts. Nearly everything on the robot is user repairable.

The caddy is a must! Not only is it cool looking but it will save your back over time! :salut:


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Aug 19, 2015
SW Ohio
Dolphin Oasis Z5 here. Love the top loading filters and wouldn't be without the caddy becuse as someone else mentioned those things are heavy and not easy to lug around. It has a good warranty too....

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Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
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I have a Dolphin Nautilus.
No Caddy
No bunch of options

I loved the price tag and love that it does an awesome job of cleaning my pool.
I also love Im going into year 4, and not a single problem of any sort with it and the filters are super easy to remove and clean.


May 31, 2016
Bethlehem Ga.
Another vote for the Dolphin Nautilus this is my first robot and I guess I don't have anything to compare him with but he does a excellent job of cleaning the pool and is a heck of an improvement over the pole and hand vacuuming. Now just sit in the shade with a tall glass of lemonade and watch him go.


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Aug 19, 2013
S300 owner for last year+. I'd buy another in a heartbeat. I have an older(15 years or so) Dolphin Diagnostic with a bottom filter bag and float handle, but after using the S300 almost daily since I got it, it is a superior option, especially for cleaning the basket, which was my main issue with my older model. The older one still cleans well, but emptying the canvas bag and removing-replacing was a huge PITA (yes, I get that this is a middle class complaint). The newer models have a top-loading basket that empties in seconds and that I can rinse out in under a minute when the filter look dirty.

Dolphin S series S300 - YouTube


Apr 28, 2017
Im piggy backing on this thread . I had an aquabot Xtreme that died. The filter bag was a pain to clean and get back in. It did clean the sides of my pool but never really seems to understand what to do. Ive been trying to figure out a new one and am leaning toward Dolphin. I was confused by all the choices... I have a 20 x 40 pool with a 6 foot deep end. It is rectangle and has three steps. Do you think a Dolphin would work for me? It is vinyl. I think I am loving the caddy idea. I can get skeeved if the pool isn't super clean so the cleaning power is very important. I like what I am hearing about the changing the filters. How much do you have to replace the filters? Do I just go with the M500(is that the best one?) There are so many and I am just confused. I have been reading the Doheny thread and searching all over and even more confused lol.


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Mar 23, 2017
Plano, TX
S200... love it, cleans great. I do have a caddy but the pool store guys gave it to me for free because they were just going to toss it out.


Apr 28, 2017
Not to much by way of trees. We have a very large backyard with not a lot of trees. However when the winds gust up , I can get leaves in it. We would get some dirt for sure, but normally its the worst with big storms. I have the standard concrete around it but just put in 4 feet of rock between the concrete and grass hoping that cuts down on dirt being blown into the pool

That's fairly large. How much tree trash do you get? Dirt?

Paul & Crystal

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May 25, 2014
Oklahoma City, OK
Well...some people like to get something a little less aggressive for their vinyl liners.

If you are specifically wanting a Dolphin...Depending on your could get the Doheny's Discovery for around $600. It is just like a Dolphin S200. I don't think it comes with the cart. The Dolphin S200 is probably around $750. The S300 and S300i are a little more feature packed and cost a bit more. I hear that people like any of these on vinyl.

The M400 runs about $1000. It has caddy but no remote.

The M500 runs $1295 and has caddy and remote. It also features a longer cleaning cycle option for extra dirt/leaves in larger pools. It is about the closest you can come to a commercial cleaner without going over $1500.

Hope that makes things clear as mud.



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Mar 24, 2015
Is anyone having issues with the chord on the S200/s300/s300i? They do not have the swivel that prevents chord twisting, so I wanted to ask for real world experience.
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