Dolphin Nautilus Stops randomly


Apr 14, 2020
i have a 6 year old Dolphin Nautilus pool robot(#99996323). It started stopping in the middle of its runs, so I replaced the Belts and guide wheels. (Plus also the brushes since they were getting old). The system is still malfunctioning. Some observations
  • Robot will start and at some random time stop. The impeller runs trying to move but i can see that the brushes are not turning.
  • Sometimes, if i lift the robot while the impeller is running, the brush will start moving and the the robot will work for some time
  • Sometimes, I have to lift up the robot and rotate the brushes by hand to get it going
  • Sometimes, I see the robot go back and forth in decreasing distances till it finally stops
  • There is no specific spot that it stops
Any ideas on what to test next for troubleshooting? Is my drive motor on its last legs? Is it time to replace robot rather than repair? Any hints from experienced users is appreciated


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Jan 17, 2012
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Give Margaret a call at Marina Pool and Spa in Colorado. She knows these 'bots inside and out and may be able to diagnose the problem and either sell you the fix, or a new bot at the lowest prices we've seen.

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Jul 1, 2020
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My nautilus CC plus started moving slower and would stop after a few minutes. It was less then a year old so I called Maytronics. They said it was the power supply and sent me a new one and it solved the issue.