Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus vs Dolphin Premier


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I have the Premier and just bought an S200.. Your comments on the filters is the main reason that I moved the old Premier, which is five years old and still works great, to a rent house pool.

From a cleaning point of view I can't tell the difference between the two units... It is just easier to clean the top loading basket on the S200.. If you buy the S200, make sure you ask for the dual filters, as it does not come that way..

The S200 was about half the price of the Premier...


Jim R.


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Apr 14, 2018
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I have the nautilus CC plus, and it is absolutely phenomenal. It cleans the 100% of my pool each time, and has easy top loading access to the filters. It comes with 2 sets - a mesh set and a fine filtering set, however the one downside is it does not come with a caddy. Also, it is a model Dolphin markets to internet sales, so the 2 year warranty is what it is if you buy it from an internet vendor. Also, you can add an additional 3 year square trade warranty for an additional $80 ish dollars that starts when the maytronics warranty expires. They are all great cleaners for sure and I bet you won't be disappointed in the least no matter your choice.