Dolphin M500 vs. Commercial models

NE Big E

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May 13, 2019
Worcester, MA
Hello, I'm new to TFP, and I had a question about pool cleaners. We moved into a house with an existing pool that had some really old and undersized equipment. We replaced the entire setup with what is indicated in my signature, and the only missing piece right now is a robot cleaner. I'm tired of vacuuming every time the pool gets dirty, and am hoping to make a purchase in short order. I think we've narroved it down to the M500 as there is a lot of good feedback on this model. I didn't find a lot of info as to how this unit compares to some of the lower-end commercial models though ... like the Odyssey. Overall, they seems similar, but the Odyssey appears to have fewer features at a higher price tag. Is it just a more robust, well-built unit? Does anyone use one of these?


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Feb 19, 2019
North San Diego County
I don't have any insight into the commercial Odyssey robots but I do have an M500. Works great. So nice to see it climb all the way up the walls. Mine also climbs onto my baja/sun shelf which I wasn't expecting. It also climbs up and cleans the sitting bench on the deep end of the pool. My pool looks great. My deep end is only 6'5" but I can see the screw heads on the main drains. I haven't started ratcheting back my pump run times yet though but I can tell that the M500 definitely sucks and spits lots of water through it. Occasionally I will brush the sun shelf into the actual bottom of the shallow end but that's a once or twice a month thing at this point. The robot just seems to keep everything clean and MUCH cleaner than my old Pentair Rebel. No regrets.


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Feb 20, 2018
Lakewood, CA
Marina Pools & Patio in Denver, CO that everyone on here swears by has them. I know because I just called them and they were recommending the M400 for my pool. Checked their website and shows they do also have the M500. You have to call them for pricing - they seem to be better priced than anywhere else. 303-985-0077