Dolphin M500 or DX6....maytronics switcheroo


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Jan 12, 2008
Braselton, Ga
We are close to finishing our pool.
I spec'd out a dolphin M500, and the pool builder was told by Dolphin that the DX6 was the same as the M500. I called MAytronics today, and asked the same question, and the Maytronics associate told me they were the same.
I told my pool builder I was OK with the DX6, but when I got home, opened the box, its not the same.

Im looking for the best cleaner for my pool:
Zero untry
4 bar stools
steep wall (climb out of 8 foot hole)
4 MAin Drains
Big LEaves sometimes

The M500 looks like it only has filtration. DX6 looks like it has a bag.

M500 has active brushing, DX6 doesnt
M500 bluetooth app (does it work well?), DX6 has remote (read it doesnt work well)
M500 3 Brushes (1 active), DLX has 6

Im a little disappointed in Maytronics, telling me these were identical based on Region I purchase the robots.

Would the DX6 do a better job with leaves?

I think I like the active brushing feature on the M500.

Any thoughts on either of these.