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Feb 7, 2016
south australia
i guys ive not posted in a while :) more a lurker lol anyway my zodiac cx 20 has just died and quite frankly after having the motor block replaced twice once under warranty and once at my own expense and replacing a set of tracks as they kept falling off and its lack of ability to pick up fine dirt . altho in its favour it climbed walls like a mountain climber and picked up big stuff with eze it refuses to fire up and turns itself off a few seconds after been turned on in the pool and refusing to spend another cent on anything zodiac brand i went down to the local pool shop explained the fine dust due to constant building works around my area where driving me crazy and what did they recommend
i came home with the dolphin m 400 put it together and launched flipper for his maiden swim omg after the first cycle about 80% of the fine dust the cx 20 wouldn't touch was gone and sending him for another swim during the night it has picked up the rest of the dust on the floor. however.
i can not get him to climb walls despite playing with the settings in the instructions and those i found on the net so i have dust sitting on the long step and in the safety ledge that i need to brush off so it falls to the bottom for flipper to eat..any hints tips advice are welcome in my quest to fine tune this cleaner so i can get it to climb walls as advertised
kind regards dean


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Aug 22, 2017
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Are you using the pleated fine filters or the mesh. If using the pleated try the mesh to see if that solves the problem.

If it climbs fine using the mesh filters then when using the pleated filters (which are better at picking up the fine stuff) either add a pool noodle bit inside where the filters are or tie one to the bar where the floats are. This will increase its buoyancy and help it climb.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Your robot should be able to climb all by itself.. I have owned several different Dolphin cleaners over the years and none of them had any problems climbing right up the walls... Are you sure you just do not have the robot set to do floors only?

If this robot is new, something is wrong.. Either with your set up or with the robot itself.

Keep in mind, it does not climb on every pass... Not sure I know the exact scheme, but generally they climb on about every third or forth pass..


Jim R.