Dolphin M-500 New Owner - some comments and a question

Mar 26, 2017
I went with an m-500 this weekend.
First impressions are it was amazingly easy to get out of the box and cleaning in no time. In the two days, it has been an amazing upgrade over my Polaris 3900 (R.I.P.).
A few comments on it:
1) Wow, its heavy.
2) The 'bluetooth' and android app - Junk. simply does not work for me, and based on google play store, I am not alone.
3) Cleaning it is very easy, two buttons and swish in a bucket.
4) Not very helpful instruction manual included, nor on the web.

Question for anyone: My handle does not 'stay' in a vertacle position, should it? ALso, the three notches seem to not 'hold' the handle, it seems to slide back and forth. Is this normal?

Paul & Crystal

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May 25, 2014
Oklahoma City, OK
Hello Schreibman,

The handle is made to move. It moves forward and back so that the floats can help lift it up the walls of the pool. The handles also have front, middle, and back positions on the sides. Generally you run with one side all the way forward and one side all the way back. This helps with moving along the tile line. There are others here who know more than I do. I've had mine a couple weeks now and it is doing a great job.

Congrats on your new toy!



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Jun 7, 2011
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Hey welcome! Its not often someone joins on the first post with (I think) the best Robot. :lol:

The handle is not supposed to remain vertical. It should stay in place with regard to the notches however, but Ive never heard of that problem. Do look closely at that, I fear something is just amiss. If the filters get very dirty at all, you should use powerful hose end spray to clean them. Seems to work best for me when they are really dirty and I get a lot of sand and dust. Doesn't sound like we are missing much without the Bluetooth, but I love my M5.

Paul & Crystal

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May 25, 2014
Oklahoma City, OK
I did a soak on my filters last night and a lot of fine dirt came out over the course of an hour. The side slider positions should have a click when they lock into place. The vertical position of the entire handle should also stay in place though it is easily pushed forward or back. I hope you did not get one with an issue. If you are still noticing problems, contact your dealer.