Dolphin DX5S tips at water line


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Apr 15, 2017
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Hello to everybody. Yesterday I received my first ever robotic cleaner. It's a Dolphin DX5S. It was recommended by a family friend. I set it up per the instructions and let it work. It all seemed fine in till it tried to clean the water line. All it does is it gets to the water line and then tried to continue climbing up, only to tilt back and fall off the wall. I tried readjusting the float, but it only has 2 settings - the default straight and the slightly angeled for supposed wall cleaning. My pool has various depths from 3ft down to 6.5 ft. I am sure I am missing something, but I do not know what. The robot is brand new. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated. And happy Easter to all.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all your robot cleaning questions... :snorkle:

I don't have this specific one, but mine does the same thing from time to time.

Is it running in an automatic mode? If it is doing this every time, something is wrong.

Keep in mind that it only climbs all the way to the top and cleans the waterline every so many cycles, it does not do it every time.

I find the angled handle works best for me.

Try it again and see what happens. If still bad, take a short video and contact Dolphin tech support.

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Jim R.