Dolphin Diagnostic 2001 problem


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Aug 29, 2010
Hi folks,
I just found this great site and I hope someone can help. If my question has been asked somewhere else please be kind and direct me. There is so much info here it is difficult at first. By the way I am English but living in the South of France. My pool is 7.5 mt x 4.5 mt with Roman Steps.
I have a Dolphin Diagnostic 2001 which worked wonderfully well when I first got it cleaning the whole pool, even some of the steps! I then lent it to a friend for a week, he has a totally different shape pool and the Dolphhin seemed confused when I got it back and did not clean the whole pool properly. Now after just a few minutes it cannot even climb the walls which is of course how it manages to move to a different position. It is as if it is too heavy. But I am sure when I first got it it could climb the walls even when the bag was full. The fan on the top is pumping ok. Is there another fan or pump in it? or a way to check for obstructions. The tracks move ok and it goes back and forwards but just on the one track.
Is there a way of resetting the memory to zero.
I am reluctant to take it to the shop because here in the South of France they take one look, see you are a foreigner and put two noughts on the end of the first number they think of. Very expensive.
By the way this has been a gradual problem getting worse over a couple of years not just a couple of weeks.
Hope somebody can help.

Steve :(
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