Dolphin Active30 starts for a few seconds then stops


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Sep 6, 2017
Northern VA
I've done the "self-test" which shows it's working fine. Left it completely unplugged from the unit and power supply overnight. Opened and checked impeller is clear and moves freely when doing self-test. I'm out of warranty. Power unit seems fine, too. Can anyone help me troubleshoot without an expensive diagnostic and repair bill? Our last problem was the power cord, which was only discovered after Maytronics made us ship the entire thing to a repair center (shipping both ways was at expense though it was under warranty).


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Jun 26, 2017
NE Oklahoma
I have a similar issue although mine (A30i) displays the little yellow triangle w/ exclamation point on the app. Clicking on it reveals Impeller 1 Overload. I can click reset robot but no change. When activated it moves backwards a few feet, then stops. Yellow triangle never clears. When it first happened I found a wad of hair in the impeller but all is clear now.

I'm afraid I've burned up the motor. Of course, they won't sell me just the impeller motor. Instead they want me to buy the whole assembly for $300.
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