dolphin active 30i stops


Jul 21, 2016
edmond, ok
Hey...I have a Dolphin 30i and after 20-30 min it stops in the pool. I have cleaned the impeller and still happening. I had a problem with calcium flakes in the pool and used the Dolphin to clean so I wonder if there is calcium in the filters, causing flow issues? I have spent the afternoon with filters in MA and rinsing several times. Doesn't seem to be helping yet. Every time I put them back in acid I get a lot of bubbles so maybe I need to just keep repeating until no bubbles. Any thoughts?


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Jul 3, 2013
Southern OK
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This may sound crazzzy and I am not sure it will work.. Pull the filters and throw the robot back in the pool and run it.. Does it go past the 20 minutes and finish a cleaning? If so it is the filter.. If it continues get another filter and see if that fixes it.. :)
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