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Apr 6, 2012
Kansas City, Missouri
Hi to all;

Recently purchased a Doheny's Discovery for $800 from Doheny's Pool Supplies. So far, I am very happy with the cleaner and got a 4 year warranty using my Visa card.

However, to my dismay, the Discovery is now on sale for $719.99 just a few days after my purchase. I emailed their customer service to point this out to them and they immediately refunded the difference, $80. Sign of an excellent company!!!!

Thank, Doheny's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary R.
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May 11, 2016
Troy IL
I just got a Saturn for my pool last week and am a little miffed that they discovery is now just a bit more than I paid for my Saturn. But I really don't need a Discovery either I guess.

Having said that, I ordered my Saturn on a Sunday night. I thought it would ship Monday. It didn't, it shipped Tuesday and got to me on Wednesday. I hurried home from work and excitedly opened up the box to find they send me the wrong dang thing. It was clearly labeled on the outside of the box as a $100 caddy, not the dolphin itself. I called them up and explained, and they agreed someone in their warehouse must have screwed up. But they refused to ship me my Saturn until I returned the cheap caddy that THEY mistakenly sent me. So on Thursday, I went to Fedex first thing and shipped the item back to Doheny's. I called up their customer service and they told me they couldn't ship me the new unit until they say it move from the drop off location to the next spot in the destination, but not to worry, it should happen by mid day. 3pm came and no tracking movement, so I called them back and complained. The girl on the phone, the 3rd person I had talked to by then, was very nice, but explained it was their policy to not ship a replacement until the return had been in transit. I explained that makes perfect sense if I was returning something that I purchased and changed my mind on. After going back and forth for 30 minutes, I asked for her supervisor. After another 10 minutes she came back and said her supervisor agreed to make an exception and place an order for my Saturn Robot for me by their 4pm cut off time so that the warehouse would ship it out same day. She also gave me a $30 store credit I will probably never use and waved the $10 I had paid in handling fees (free shipping my rear). I ended up getting my robot on that Friday, the next day.

In the end, I'm happy with my robot. I was happy my replacement robot got to me as fast as they claimed my original would. But I'm not happy I had to waste so much time running to fedex and hanging out on the phone with customer support to fix a mistake they made and only be compensated by $10 in the end.

I'm meh on Doheny's. I might buy from them again, I might not. But my neighbor saw my robot and went to order one himself, so hey, at least Doheny wins.

--update I just looked and saw that my Saturn is on sale for $65 less than I paid for it. I called them up and spent another 25 minutes on the phone with them. They were happy to refund me $65 - the $10.99 they already refunded me for handling. I said no, I want $65 plus tax and the $10.99 handling refund since that was for the fact that they didn't handle my order very well. She said no, I asked for the supervisor, and once again after 4 or 5 minutes waiting for a supervisor my original agent came back saying they could give me what I wanted.