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Aug 17, 2014
Prosper, TX
Hello folks,
After reading much of this thread, we’re pulling the trigger on an s300i tomorrow. We’ve been trying to brainstorm the best way to store the control box. There is no protected area near our pool equipment, which is also where the electrical outlet is. We think we’ll leave the bot in the pool most of the swim season, pulling it out weekly (or as needed) for cleaning. The caddy will be nice for the winter, keeping everything together in the shed. But we need to protect the control box while in use. What kind of handy things have you all rigged for this purpose? We want it off the ground and protected from sun and rain. 🤔 Thanks for any ideas!

Will & Lori
I have the exact same question. Margaret told me to put it in some sort of waterproof container, but I don't have any good ideas. My ideal plug is out near the pool in a flower bed...would allow me to avoid the cord laying across high traffic area of decking.

I'd like to keep the control box out there in or near the flower bed and set up my S300 for 3 times per week cleaning.

Anyone have a great solution for this?


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Jul 16, 2012
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I only occasionally leave mine in the pool, but I put a skinny bucket over the controller. But that would get quite hot exposed in the sun and would possibly blow off. I'd suggest something with an open/ventilated bottom and rainproof top.


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Jul 17, 2018
Central KY
Planning to order the s200, think it's more than enough for our size pool, with the basket mod :) Will need to get an outlet a bit closer ideally though, but can work with a nearby outlet for now....
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