Dogs and pool training


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Dec 14, 2019
Greenville, SC
Thinking this may be a good place to post this. I have heard how dogs have trouble finding the stairs in pools since all they see is the edge the whole way around. Does anyone have any tricks at teaching the dogs where to enter and exit the pool at? We were thinking about hanging something near the steps so they can see it but and suggestions would be great.


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May 11, 2014
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It only took Trigger about four times being coaxed to jump in to figure out where the stairs were on the way out. He found the seat/swimout quiclky and took that as his standing spot in the deep end.

But usually, he just likes relaxingTriggerPool.jpg


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Jul 10, 2012
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Two people. One by the steps with a yummmy and happy voice the other takes the dog out into the water. Point the dogs nose at the steps and step person calls the dog. Give them the yummy when they are back on the decking. Do the nose to steps a couple of times then do a half turn from the steps so they have to turn to get to the yummy. Do the half turn a couple of times then do the tail to steps. You know your dog so know how long it might take for them to learn. Go at your dog's pace.