Does this look normal??


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Jan 7, 2017
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The pool builder hooked up a pump and was able to pull majority of the water from under the pool and the pool was plastered Sunday. It was finally full this morning at 3am. They are coming tomorrow to start the pool. Since two of the three kids are home sick I decided while they were napping to test the water. Here is what I got, does this look about "normal"? "Normal" as in not treated with anything yet.

Ph-8.2+. (It was darker than 8.2)
Chlorine -0
Bromine -0
CHT- 25ppm
TA- 370

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Mr Bruce

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Mar 24, 2014
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If by normal you mean what I would expect a newly plastered pool to look like, yes :)

Don't do anything to void the warranty, but that ph needs to come down rather quickly. It will want to rise for a while, keep it in the 7s.

That TA is incredibly high, but don't worry about that for now. Just get some acid in there, tomorrow (72 hours from plastering) get a little bit of chlorine and a little bit of CYA in there.

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e: This is all assuming you are using a TF-100 or Taylor 2006.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Which test kit are you using?

You wrote "CHT"--do you mean CH (Calcium Hardness)?

You don't plan on adding Bromine to the pull, right? Don't ever worry about the BR side of the comparater block. Just CL. Or better yet the FC and CC from the FAS-DPD test (the powder and R-0871 reagent test)

The TA appears really high but I don't believe that is accurate. The PB may have put in something that causes it to be wonky.

Ask the PB what he wants you to do about that high pH? Does he expect you to take over yet or will he? Muriatic acid is the cure for that pH. Bring it down to 7.5
Pool School - Start-up New Plaster



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Jan 7, 2017
Hallsville, Texas
Thanks so much, I am using the TF-100 with a speed stirrer.

We will not actually take over care of the pool until after the first 30 days. I think they thought it would take longer to fill than it actually did because he said he would be out tomorrow, really wish it was today. I was just wanting to make sure it looked like I ran the tests right, which maybe I didn't on the TA, I didn't think it would ever turn red!!

I will go set up my signature. I am still learning my way around :)

And yes CHT is Calcium Hardness, not sure why I put the T on there!

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It is fine to let TA be the last thing to adjust. Do the pH first using muriatic acid to lower it to 7.4 or so.

Do you know how to use PoolMath?

Bama Rambler

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Since this is a brand, brand new pool and you've already stated that you're not supposed to take over maintenance until after 30 days, I'd call them and make sure that they're ok with you adjusting the pH without them being there. It most likely is, but better safe than sorry in this case.


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Apr 7, 2015
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When you call or text about getting permission to adjust the pH on your own, let them know you have a test kit, a Pool Math calculator for how much chemicals to add, and a team of pool experts to guide you in making adjustments. You may have already talked to your PB about that. I did a lot of talking about TFP to the guy in charge of our pool the first 30 days. I showed him my kit, and showed him my paper logs of test results I was running from day 1 of the fill. After a few days, the guy told me to go for it. He said I seemed to know more than most new owners, and he felt reassured I had the TFP experts to help me and that I texted him the test results at least once a day with what I planned to do. He also liked that it meant he only needed to check on me once a week the first 2 weeks. He did keep coming out once a week adding the darn chlorine pucks, but they were still not adding enough chlorine to the new pool. I'm so glad I had TFP to make sure the pool didn't go green.

The testing gets easier and easier - and very quickly, too. (LOL!!! I can still remember my heart was beating so hard the first time I tested the water!! But keep that a secret! Now it seems funny!) You'll be a pro in no time at all!!!!



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Jan 3, 2016
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Use care when adding acid to a pool with no circulation. Acid is heavier than water and will sink and "bloom" out over the bottom, leaving a higher-than-desired concentration at the bottom of your pool. IF you do add acid, do it in small increments and agitate the water by brushing or with the skimmer hoop between applications.

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