Does the Hayward OmniPL upgrade work with EcoStar Pumps?


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Jul 22, 2022
Toronto, Canada
I just installed a OmniPL upgrade as the circuit board on my OmniLogic was defective. Everything seems to be working fine, but the new system is not recognizing the vsp during the setup. It asks for the "Hayward Unique Address" or HUA and doesn't see my EcoStar VSP. Does anyone know if it needs to be wired differently than it was with the OmniLogic board. It is currently two wires and what I've read so far indicates it could be that I need 3 wires or to change the connections on the OmniLP circuit board or on the pump end. Any help is appreciated!


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Jul 21, 2013
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How old is your EcoStar pump?

Did your EcoStar pump communicate with your OmniLogic system you repalced?

See if this thread applies to your situation...

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