Does Polyquat 60 raise PH?


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Jul 18, 2018
Canfield ohio
In preparation for closing, I took my FC to slam level, passed the OCLT on Tuesday night into Wednesday, and let my FC drift down. Before the SLAM, my PH was 7.5. I forgot to lower it to 7.2 before the SLAM. This morning, when my FC measured 9.5, I measured the PH and it was 8.2 and maybe higher. My PH has never been that high and has been in the 7.5-7.6 range and has held very steady. About an hour before I took the PH test, I added Polyquat 60 because the Pool Pros are coming tomorrow morning to close my pool. Does Polyquat 60 raise your PH level? Could it have been raised that high because of the SLAM? I added about 32oz MA to lower into the 7's, and may have to add more to bring it to 7.5 before closing. My concern is adding that much MA will lower my TA, and I won't have time to raise it before closing. TA is 70. Should I be concerned about anything here? Thanks.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Thanks. How long after I add MA can I test and have it be accurate? I want to add a few smaller doses until I hit my target.
That is really OCD unnecessary. Any pH in the low 7's is fine. It doesn't need to be an exact number.

You lower the pH at closing since it will probably rise over the winter.