Does PH & Alkalinity affect testing for Bromide?


May 28, 2019
Kaysville UT
Went out of town for a couple of weeks. Before I left the Bromine was low, but the PH was really really low and TA was near 0. I added about 30 lb of sodium bicarbonate and that fixed the TA and low PH both. At the time my Bromine measurements were very low, and I had notched up my bromine erosion feeder a bit.
Before I left Bromine was around 2ppm on the DPD test, and I turned my bromine feeder down to below the usual setting of one.

I tested when I got back 2 weeks later, and the bromine was over 50 PPM, but the TA and PH were both on target again. I had 2 theories on what happened:

1. The erosion feeder was just too high, adding too much bromine all the time.
2. The bromine reading I had obtained while the pool was a touch acidic was falsely low, and correcting the TA/PH affected the bromine reading.

I think 1 is the right answer, but just wanted to make sure 2 was crazy talk, I think it is, but can't find much out there on bromine pools!

Thanks for your advice!


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
With a bromine level at 50ppm, neither your TA nor pH tests would be very accurate. So you really have no idea what those are either. Bromine would still fine even under acidic conditions.

You need to have your chemical concentrations at reasonable levels in order for other tests to work.