Does Pebble Fina cost MORE than Pebble Tec?

Jun 4, 2012
Our contractor had level 1 Pebble tec in our contract. After much contemplation we think we would like Pebble Fina Bella Blue better. Bella Blue is a standard color. When we told our contractor he said that it would be about $800-$1000 more. I thought Fina was a downgrade from Tec. Am I confused or is my contractor confused?


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May 19, 2010
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acaciolo said:
Hey guys,

pebble tec is their baseline pebble product, but pebble fina is more like a traditional plaster finish instead of the "pebble" finish. Around me, pebble fina is the base product and is about 30% less than pebble tec.
Curious how Pebblesheen fits into the line?
Jun 4, 2012
Thanks. I thought that it would be less since it does not have the pebble product in it. It does seem to be much smoother than regular plaster finish though. I think my PB didn't have a chance to price it before he told me it would be more.

Matt in Houston

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Feb 24, 2012
My builder said PebbleTec or PebbleSheen were the same price for me. I didnt ask about PebbleFina but I have read it is the cheaper of the 3. I think the pricing may vary on location, but if you are in Houston don't be fooled.
Jun 4, 2012
Matt...actually we are in the Beaumont/Houston area. My husband REALLY wanted Beadcrete but it was over $7,000 more than the Pebble-TEC!