Does my Pebble Tec look like it was acid washed good enough?


Apr 21, 2010
OK, my pool builder promised me over and over again that even though the packaging did'nt say Pebble Tec, it was the exact same thing. He even said it comes from the same "quarry". Anyway, I've attached a picture for some of the more experienced folks to look at and tell me if it was acid washed good enough. This is my first pool and I just don't know. Thanks in advance, I really apreciate all of the help and info. here.....Jason.



In The Industry
Feb 10, 2010
If it was the same then why don't they offer the same warranty? The problem with off brands is that you or I can go and buy it and install it and this is where the savings show up. They may be the same pebbles but Pebble Tec is much more than a product its has everything to do with the application as well. Pebble Tec is installed by "FACTORY TRAINED EMPLOYEES" and that is why the stand behind their work for a much longer time than the others. I am sorry, but if its chaeper than the name brand stuff it just isn't the same.

Sorry to rant but I go through this every day with my clients and my competition loves to tell them how its the same.

In your case, The picture is pretty close up so it is hard to tell, but it does not look like there is not enough pebbles in it.


Let me put it this way; "rocks are rocks"! They don't make them anymore, and nobody really has better rocks than anyone else, so it is very probable that the rocks came from the same place.

That's where it all ends! After that, it comes down to the quality of the plaster that holds it all together, the installation practices (water mixtures, troweling, exposure practices, etc.) of the supplier and installer. Trust me, if you gave me a bag of PebbleTec and told me to go trowel it you would not be happy! Now, give me that same bag with proper training and factory back up (or a certified installer) and you have a great end product.

PebbleTec is the Cadillac in the industry, and for a reason. It is a great product with great support, and limited installers. There is a reason for that, and there is a reason why everyone can't get it. It is beyond me why a guy would say it is the same when he knows it isn't.

I think the stones should be packed tighter, as I see more plaster than is "normal". The strength of PebbleTec (or any stone product) is the stone. Too much plaster creates a weaker product. PebbleTec runs about 90-95% stone to 5-10% plaster. The picture is tough to see though, and it may just be an exposure issue.

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