Does my Diving Board need to be replaced?

May 3, 2012
Hello All!
We are newbies! We have a diving pool with what appears to be a very old diving board. It feels in great shape and handles the 'big boys' very well...but, we saw a couple of cracks on the underneath side of the board. (We would have never noticed...just happened to look). They are on the back end of the board....the end that is 'screwed' down...not the part you jump on. Anyhow, the cracks just seem to be on a the single layer and don't appear to be growing.
Do we need to bite the bullet and replace the board or are we okay?
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! ;-)
May 3, 2012
Good point, JohnT ;-)

I've attached pics of the underneath side of our board. I welcome your feedback.

Thanks again! [attachment=0:ehs9ktbn]IMAG1111.jpg[/attachment:ehs9ktbn][attachment=1:ehs9ktbn]IMAG1110.jpg[/attachment:ehs9ktbn]



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Jun 24, 2011
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It looks like it needs to be replaced to me. The last thing you would want is have someone injured from a board that you knew was damaged to begin with. Those are not just cracks in the gel coat.