Do you TSP soak your filters? Why or why not?


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Apr 15, 2014
Livermore, CA
Good morning TFP’ers.

I clean my four filters twice a year (Spring and Fall). There is a negligible psi increase (or flow decrease as measured on my FlowVis flow meter) before I clean; maybe 1 psi if that.

I use a straight brass nozzle following what’s recommended per Chem Geek (Richard) Re: How to clean a cartridge filter.

I have four 25.5” x 7“ diameter cartridges. Installed 4/2015. I have never soaked them in TSP. There’s only some minor surface staining; what appears to be rust or the like. Bands are all still in good condition.

Sure, we perspire, use sunblock, but I can’t find any reason still to warrant using TSP. Am I missing something? What benefits would I see?

To disclose, I actually have never even done it for my spa filter.


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Mar 21, 2016
Marrietta Ga
I have an electric low pressure washer with a wide spray. About every 3rd cleaning or once a year i use it. After they look clean using an attachment the pressure washer get a lot more crud out. It might shorten the filter life but I am carefull not to abuse them


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May 3, 2014
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If you are having no issues, no benefit. The primary reason to soak them in TSP is for those that wish to do an acid soak of the filters. You must remove all oils from the filters before putting them in an acid bath.