Do you still brush manually if you use an auto pool cleaner?

Molly Schmidt

May 20, 2017
Hey all, Thanks for all the advice! I have had a Warrior SI for a few months and GOODNESS my pool looks amazing.

Quick question: Pre-robot cleaner, I used to manually scrub and vacuum the pool about once a week. It would look great for a day or two and then slowly attract stuff blown in from the raised beds & trees. My pool is getting close to needing a re-plaster so there are plenty of little divots/blemishes visible esp when any dirt gets near it. Now that I have the robot, I just throw her in about every other day and the pool looks fine.

Do you still brush manually a little bit even though you have an auto pool cleaner? Thoughts?


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Depends. If you live in a high organic load, hot, environment, I would say yes, you should still brush every week. Especially a plaster pool. Or if the pool is free form with lots of curves, robots do not brush those areas very well.

And as stated above, the areas the robot does not get too.
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