Do you have a security system or video camera on your pool area?


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Aug 30, 2016
Pittsburgh PA
Perhaps this is a bit off-topic for a pool forum?

I'd like to get some kind of security system for my pool area. Maybe a video camera too. Best case would be to have one that I can access and view remotely.

Does anyone use something similar?


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May 11, 2016
Troy IL
I don't have one monitoring my pool, but we used to have a system set up on our old house when we lived in the city. We had a Q See system that I got from Sam's club for cheap (maybe $250). The cameras were not high def, but good quality still. They are easy to set up and not hard to install. The hardest part is running the wires.


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May 10, 2010
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I have one of these : Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera - IP66 Weatherproof, 1080P (1920TVL), IP2M-842 (Black) : Camera Photo installed outdoors to monitor gate access it works fairly well and can be set up either wifi or wired internet. It has built in motion sensing and file upload capability, however I am not using it that way, I have it connected streaming to an old computer running zone-minder under linux which has much more advanced motion sensing. It works fairly well for my purpose of recording all traffic in and out of the gate, although does not capture license plate info well at night. That is unless a moth lands in front of the lens like last night, then you get 220 motion events over 2 hours of moth legs and wings wiggling.


p.s. mine is set up about 1,250 feet from the house powered by a solar panel, and connected to a directional antenna


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Aug 18, 2014
Amelia Island, FL
I think you need to asess your security goals. You mentioned a security system and a camera, so something like an alarm/alert when someone enters the pool area? Can you give us an idea of what the area looks like? For example, is it an enclosed area that needs an alarm when the fence is breached or an open area with a water alert? Are you just wanting to chase off kids? Sometimes the fake camera with the red blinking light and a sign is all it takes. Are you wanting to archive use to track if someone was in the pool? Mobile alerts or mobile access?

Sorry for so many questions, but this project could range from $9.99 to $999 and I'd rather you hit the right target for what you want.


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Aug 17, 2012
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I have a Q-see 8 channel NVR (Dahua) that handles 6 1080p bullet cameras around the house. Four of the cameras are PoE that came with my system. Two of them are Foscam FI9900p wireless cameras that I ended up using hardwired with cat5 cabling. The Foscam out by the pool is actually sending its signal through a Powerline adapter, since the wifi signal was out of range and it was too much of a hassle to run cat5 out to the pump pad. So far so good. I can view all my cameras on my phone and all of them record to my NVR. Only issue is the two Foscams can't be recorded using motion events with my NVR. That is compatability issue with Foscam and my Dahua based NVR. I solve that by recording 24/7 on the pool cam.


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Aug 30, 2016
Pittsburgh PA
Thank you for these suggestions. I reviewed and reviewed - and ended up spending about 4 solid hours reading and rereading. In the end, I chose a Reolink system -

Home Business Video Security Camera System Wired, w/2 Bullet and 2 Dome HD 1440P Waterproof Outdoor Indoor PoE IP Cameras and 1 PC of 8-Channel 4MP NVR Kit with Built-in 2 TB HDD, Reolink RLK8-410B2D2

It has 4 cameras that are POE and a 2TB NVR for recording. I can access remotely. I can also plug a TV into the NVR (VGA or HDMI) and always be able to see whats going on. I am going to put 2 bullet cams in the pool area, 1 dome in the garage door area and 1 dome on our front porch. Reviews are decent and say that the support is very good. We'll see!

As for pictures of my pool area.....well, I don't have a pool yet. I want to install this before the build because I want the build on video - to document the builder and for my own interest.

@Isac, I was very close to buying that ProHD camera. I just don't know how I'd set up recording and ultimately decided I wanted multiple cameras.


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Dec 29, 2015

I have "pieced" together a system with 6 cameras right now and and about to add 2 more!!! My main system (DVR, 4 cameras) I purchased directly from Swann.