Do we care about air leaking from Jandy valve?


Jun 15, 2020
Breinigsville, PA
First time closing my pool. I have a Vinyl liner so I'm only draining to about a 1/4 way up the skimmer, builder doesn't want me draining any lower. Blew out the 3 returns with my shop vac, got great bubbles from each and plugged each of them one at a time. Could see small bubbles upon plugging the last one until I shut off the vac. Moved to the 2 skimmers, used gizmos (with new Teflon tape) provided by the builder. Saw small bubbles out of the last one until I turned the vac off. But I could hear air leaking slowly from my skimmer jandy valve after locking it shut. It leaked a for a few minutes then went silent. But it got me thinking.... Who cares. As long as the plugs and gizmos aren't leaking that's all that matters. Those pipes don't need to be pressurized, just dry. Am I right here?

Couldn't blow my drain (2 ports in bottom of deep end) out so I got a 6 gallon Ridgid compressor from HD. Plugged up all the drains in the equipment except for the pump, pushed air in thru the pump drain. 15 psi and 2 minutes later I had good bubbles coming out of each. Shut main drain and turned off compressor. Cover is going on in the morning.
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Jul 21, 2013
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As long as the plugs and gizmos aren't leaking that's all that matters.

You need to replace the O ring on the stem of the diverter. I had that happen during my closing this year and a new O ring fixed it.

Yeah, as long as the plugs are not leaking it doesn't matter. But if a plug starts leaking from the temperature changes during the winter a bit of pressure in the lines can keep the water out.
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