Do Sand Filters "Filter" Better on Low Speed?


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Apr 8, 2017
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I Have a brand new Hayward S210T sand filter (ZeoSand) paired with a 1HP 2-Speed Matrix Pump. Does the filter "filter" better on the low speed setting? I know that I will have to run the pump longer to get the required turn over but there is a significant head pressure difference at the sand filter gauge. Low = 2.5 PSI & High = 16.0 PSI. For the power savings alone I could run the pump on low 24/7 vs running the pump on high for 8-10 hours. Low speed consumes 210 watts and High speed consumes 1090 watts.


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Low speed is better. The slower the water flows through the filter, the better filtering.

I would suggest running the pump 24/7 on low and then watch your pool. If it gets dirty, you may need to go to high speed a little......I bet you don't but experience will teach you.


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Aug 10, 2012
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Yes, this is true for all filter types. Low speed is more efficient, both for filtering and much cheaper electric use. You will still need to put it on high speed to check the filter pressure occasionally. We recommend backwashing when filter pressure rises 20-25%above clean pressure and you need to check pressure on high speed. My pressure is 0 when my VS pump is running 1100 rpm. I mostly run 24x7 in spring and fall because we have lots of trees throwing stuff in the pool. It keeps the debris skimmed and off the bottom.

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