Do I still have an suction side air leak if I see bubbles in the pump lid?


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Jun 5, 2020
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I was having an issue with low suction. I did a complete rebuild on my Pentair 3 HP Variable Speed Pump. Replaced the internal bearings. Bought the seal kit and replaced all O Rings and the shaft seals. Thoroughly cleaned out the cartridge filters. Replaced the O rings at the suction side of the filter as well as the large O rings that seals the two half's of the filter. Tightened the clamp that holds the two half's of the filter all while tapping it with a rubber mallet. I torqued the bolts on the pump to recommended specs. I did get a 10 PSI jump from 10 PSI before the rebuild to 20 PSI after. I released all the air from the top of the filter. I am still seeing some bubbles in the pump lid. I was wondering if that means I still have an air leak. Should I be seeing absolutely smooth water through the lid. so much so that you almost wouldn't be able to tell water is flowing through it?


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You shouldn't see too many bubbles in your pump. At low speed i do get a couple but at higher speeds none. A few bubbles is more or less normal. You can try running water over the pump lid and see if the bubbles go away. If so you may need a new pump o ring. At least try lubing it.


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Aug 19, 2014
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If you aren't losing prime it's probably ok.
I have a few small bubbles in my pump basket all the time. I know there's no leak, as it can hold prime for weeks.
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