Do I need to get all the Black Algae out? Can I go back to normal chlorine levels now and start swimming again?


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Apr 3, 2016
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I've been doing the SLAM for a week now. I have been scrubbing and keeping FC levels up to around 24ppm (CYA at 70) all week.
I have reduced the amount of black Algae spots by 80 to 90% but it's not gone completely. Water is clear.

Can I just go back to normal chlorine levels now (5 to 7 ppm) now and start using the pool again?
Will the "normal" chlorine levels keep the black algae from growing? I can live with a few black spots, but I would hate to give up too soon and have to start the whole SLAM process over.

I have a post on this algae problem here somewhere - but couldn't find it - so I'm posting this question in a new thread.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Do you know how to perform the OCLT? Report your results if you do.......that'll tell us if you should quit SLAMming.