Do I have to set my variable speed pump to prime before using the lowest RPM setting?


Dec 10, 2017
Here's my dilemma... my power company (Sacramento SMUD) has it's lowest rates starting at midnight. I want to run my new pump on the low setting at that time, but it seems like the default is for it to prime on high speed for 1 minute, which wakes us up since the pump is near our bedroom. Would it cause any problems if I turn the priming off? There is nothing in the manual that addresses this. My pump is a 2.7hp Hayward Tristar variable speed.


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
If the pool pump basket holds water when the pump is off then the priming cycle is not necessary.

If the pool pump basket is empty with the pump off then it depends how long it takes to draw the water in at lower RPMs. You don’t want to run the pump when dry for longer then necessary. You can try it and see what RPM it primes in a reasonable time while not bothering you with noise. You will need to experiment and see what works.