Do I Have CCs?


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Jul 2, 2014
Athens, GA - USA
When I do the CC test (10 ml sample with TF-100), I can sometimes see a very slight haze in the water. Not discernibly pink. Not really any color at all, just not 100% crystal clear. One drop of R-0871 brings it to 100% clear.

1.) In the past I have treated this as zero b/c the sample did not turn pink. Should I consider that at 0.5 CC?
2.) If it is really 0.5, is there something I can do to get the CC down to zero?

Water clarity is perfect (I can see the Philips head on the screws of the main drain in the deep end). No visible signs of algae, no organic matter other than the bugs in the skimmer that I clean once or twice per day.

Test Results for this morning
FC 9.0
CC 0.0 ??
PH 7.7
TA 60
CYA 60

Note: FC is a little higher than I normally keep it. I just bumped my SWCG from 10% to 20% since the water is starting to get warm. I plan to maybe reduce runtime by a bit if the FC stays high.