Do Hayward colologic 4.0 lights sync with colorlogic 320 universal lights?


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Jul 21, 2020
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So the lights I was sold with my pool I think are not compatible with each other. When they guys were here setting up the lights they could not get the spa light to sync with the pool lights. I have been reading through all of haywards manuals for the different lights.

I'm pretty sure it's because the spa light cannot run in the colorlogic 4.0 mode (see second screen shot "ColorLogic lights can be used in Universal ColorLogic mode or Omni Direct mode. For Omni Direct mode")

They start out in sync because the color list is the same for the first few colors, however the 320 has more colors and the when the list starts to differ from the 4.0 they go out of sync.

Do es anyone know if you can make a 320 run like a 4.0 sequence? It looks like you can change modes on the regular colorlogic universal pool lights but not the 320?

Universal colorlogic light -
image (1).png

Colorlogic 320 -
image (2).png

Colorlogic 4.0 (my lights) -
image (3).png

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Feb 6, 2019
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If they indeed used the 120V Color Logic 4.0 lights, then no they will not stay synced. The 4.0 lights are 120V and the 320 light is 12V. FYI, the Universal Color Logic lights come in 12V AND they can replace the 4.0 light, no matter what size they used. If this is a new build, that is the fix.
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