Do Floating Thermal Blankets Save Hot Tub Electricity if you have a cover???


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Jan 26, 2021
I've read (not on this site) about the floating theramal blankets like the one linked below saving electricity bills for hot tubs? Do you think they are helpful in saving money if you already have a decent cover for your hot tub?



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Jun 15, 2012
San Juan Islands, WA
I used to use a thermal blanket. Either foam or bubble wrap style work. They can reduce evaporation, and I could measure the reduced heater usage as well as longer time between topping up the tub. This was even with a new tight fitting cover.

Downside is it’s another thing you have to roll up and re-deploy every time you use the tub. The foam ones can get funky after some time. The jets can also disturb the blanket if they come on automatically with your filter cycles.
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