DIY Vinyl Construction cost question...

Jun 20, 2012
We are trying to figure out how much the "extras" are going to cost before we start our loan process. But we are unsure of the cost of the decking(if we did just concrete), and the concrete that is needed to set the walls. We are planning on doing a 2.5-3ft wide deck(no patio or anything). The pool is probably going to be a 16x36.

Apr 26, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
Based on my experience I'd take whatever you think it is going to be at first and add 25%. Im paying about $5k for a 4 ft concrete wrap on an 18x36. Everything seems to come in higher than planned so I'd borrow some extra in case you change your mind on things.


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May 17, 2012
You will need every bit of 4 yards for your concrete collar to set you walls and more if you plan on pouring it more than 4". If you want 3ft deck around it all that would be around 315sqft of Crete. A little over 4 yards might as well say 5. As far as finishing costs and actual cost per yard you would need to call around locally for a good idea on those prices because they vary a whole lot from region to region Around here they get $1 per sqft on finish but 1000sqft min and $85 per yard on concrete.

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