DIY - towel holder


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Sep 13, 2007

I have a 4”x4”6’ treated post left over from my fence project. It’s a red color and my question is, can I use this for my towel holder project?
Is the treated post a bad idea?

Thanks in advance.


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Nov 12, 2017
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Are you thinking of hanging towels directly on the 4x4? If it's the kind of PT post I'm thinking of, I wouldn't. It could stain your fabric. It'll likely catch towels and such on its rough edges, pulling out threads. Someone will eventually get a splinter from it, and a pressure-treated splinter hurts extra bad. Plus, they're kinda ugly. And 4" x 3 sides of it will be blocking air from the underside of your wet towel, increasing drying time...

There's a reason bathroom towel bars look the way they do: small diameter, smooth, strong, waterproof. Use a material like that, but rated for outdoors. PVC electrical conduit might be something to look at.
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