DIY Stirrer


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Jun 13, 2019
Hello everyone,

So since everyone have their own stirrers I decided to make my own since ordering one would probably cost around 50-100$ from the cheap ones and about 3-4 weeks to arrive.
So I decided why not make my own ?
If anyone wants to know how I made it I would happy make a step by step.
Costed me around : 30 minutes of my time.
Works perfectly with the sample tube for alkalinity DPD test.
No engineering knowledge needed.
What do you guys think ?


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Jun 13, 2019
Is that a computer muffin fan. ?? I'm interested .. I have a dozen fans in the shop, what is the thingie in the tube??
Gin n tonic stirrer?
You could buy an already made plastic stirrer thingys from a store.
What I did was just look around the house and find a small magnet. Then I set them on the table and poured hot glue (hot glue gun) all over it. Then just cut around it to make it like a pill.
And yes it is a computer fan with 2 small magnets in the center.


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Jun 2, 2019
My version- 3" computer fan, 6 volt power, small piece of plywood, I had these items in my shop. I purchased a stir bar from TFT , just added it on to my reagents order. So, I'm into this gig for 4 bucks. Works great. I do consider this a novelty item as it really is not necessary for testing. But, were I doing a SLAM, with a crazy amout of drop to add, well then it would be nice to have one.
I experimented with different voltages and settled on 6 volts as it seemed "the best". 12 V was like turbocharged.
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