DIY Smart Timer for 2 Speed Pump


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Jun 6, 2021
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Great post! I think I'm going to go for it. Surprisingly, I'm having most difficulty finding a good enclosure. Is there any reason this switch will not work? I think it will and should save some space allowing for a smaller enclosure. It has a 10 amp rating but will only be powering the contactor and relay, correct?

Also, just want to make sure I understand the flow of electricity correctly: Supply power comes into the contactor and stays on the two poles until it is switched on with the On/Off switch. Once on, the current passes to the other two poles of the contactor and then on to the relay. It will pass straight through the relay and on to the pump regardless of the Hi/Lo switch position. It will flow down the common leg regardless of switch position since that is simply jumpered between the two options. It will pass down either the Hi or Lo depending on the switch position. Is that correct?

My pump is 240V, but I am just getting a 120 coil voltage contactor and relay rated to 40amp. I just need 120V to power the switch - relay and switch - contactor. The switch is not in any way part of the pump circuit so will not see the high current and amperage of the pump, correct?

Thanks again for your post!
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