DIY PVC Towel Rack


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Aug 1, 2019
austin texas
Here are the images I used as a guide and the materials needed.

-Purchase (5) one inch by ten foot pvc pipes
-Purchase (4) 3 way 90 degree elbows
-Purchase (10) 3 way 90 degree T's
-Purchase (2) 90 degree elbows
-Purchase (4) 45 degree elbows
-1 inch pvc pipe cutter
-*purchase pvc cement if desired* I did not do so because I was afraid of it setting too fast.

The lengths to cut are 36 inches (9), 48 inches (2), 8.5 inches (12), and 5 inches (4).

There is a youtube video with this build but the girl has the wrong diagram in it-she accidentally has the two 48 inch lengths as 36 inch lengths and it didnt work for people so she had to correct it to the image you see below.



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