DIY Putting green?


Aug 9, 2010
DeSoto, MO
Has anyone here built them a putting / chipping green around their yard to play around with? If so what kind of materials did you use and how do you like it?


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Jul 10, 2009
Houston, Texas
I have not built one but I have seen several shows on HGTV that showed how to make a backyard putting green. Here is a link to one of them.


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Apr 4, 2009
Don't know anyone that did it DIY, but here is a few pics of my friends he had built this summer for some inspiration :roll:

and behind me is the soon to be completed pool and Tee Box

Tee Box w/Ball washer



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Jul 19, 2010
My brother and father both has greens installed this summer. My bro lives across the street so they get to use our pool and we get to use there green LOL. Both are 16*20 or so and run 10-12 on the stimp meter.


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Jul 24, 2007
Suwanee, GA
I like the ball washer, that is great... I looked into this a long time ago and recall that was it was expensive, like 10k or more when talking about real turf and good drainage.


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Aug 20, 2009
North Central Texas
At my last house, about 30 years ago, we had the large front yard sod pulled up or killed (can't remember) and re-sodded with appropriate grass for croquet. The back yard was smaller and the dogs needed a fenced yard. Codes didn't allow for fencing front yards which was a shame as all the front yards were several times larger than all the back yards so I decided we were going to put it to some good use.

I don't remember what type sod they put down but it was not our standard warm climate yard grass Bermudas and couldn't take as much traffic as most lawn grasses. I don't remember it being as fine as a putting green but it may have been because it wasn't mowed as low and as frequently as putting greens require. The mowers had to use a reel mower to cut it properly without damaging it and it was a little too large to use a non powered push reel cutter. I have one of those now that I purchased for Y2K. :p It is really difficult to use as even small twigs get caught and immediately stop movement. Not good when one lives in the "wild" woods. But I have used it some in cooler weather. I don't think there were a lot of residential yard services that had reel mowers at the time; maybe not even now. I think the company that laid it maintained it for me. It was in full Texas sun all day and required a lot of fertilizer and water. It was certainly pretty to look at.

If I was doing something like that again I would seriously look into artificial grass as the maintanence would surely be much easier.



Aug 9, 2010
DeSoto, MO
I was looking at doing Astroturf or just the cheap green outdoor carpet as it would just be something to play around on. Thanks for those pics, those look great, I wish I could build one that looks like that.


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Feb 22, 2009
West Virginia
We built a small one just for playing around. We used the outdoor green carpet and boxed it in with landscaping timbers. My husband used some kind of plumbing joint for the holes, with a wide hole on one side and a smaller hole at the other end. We cut holes in the carpet and sunk the plumbing into the ground and then put rocks into the hole for the ball to land on. Used glue to attach the carpet edges to the hole. We put a few "obstacles" around, a large rock, a small lighthouse statue. Its not nearly as pretty as the pictures in the post above, but the kids enjoy messing around with it.
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