DIY Flow Switch Replacement..Pictures


Jul 3, 2018
Enterprise, AL
My Control Panel read "Flow Switch, No Flow". We had no idea what this meant so we proceeded to add bleach and algeacide. After becoming a member of this forum I learned quite a bit over a week after signing up.

To try and remove the Green algae from our pool we went to a Local Pool supply store. Of course they had us buy so many different things which took a lot money from our wallet. Needless to say the pool store couldn't figure out why my pool wasn't producing any chlorine, nor did they really attempt to troubleshoot because they had my money.

So I went to my brother house, looked at his control panel and that is when I learned about the Flow Switch. I went home and ordered this:
This Flow Switch cost: $29

Here are the steps I took to replace my Flow Switch.
1. Turn off power to the circuit board....I turned off the circuit breaker.
2. Unplug the T-Cell power have to unplug the T-Cell to remove the panel
3. Removed 3 screws from the Aquas Plus panel
4. Moved/leaned the panel forward to gain access to the flow switch connector
5. Disconnect the Flow Switch phone like connected from the control board
6. Unscrew old Flow can place your thumb over the opening once the flow switch is out so you limit the amount of air let back into the system.
7. Install new Flow Switch
8. Ensure the Flow Switch arrows are pointing in the direction of water flow
9. Connect the new phone like cable to the control panel
10. Close the panel
11. Screw in 3 screws
12. Plug in the T-Cell power cable
13. Turn on circuit breaker
14. Now your "NO FLOW" message should read "Flow Switch Flow".

- - - Updated - - -

The bright white phone cable on the left side of the panel and picture is the Flow Switch phone like cable. Disconnect it and you will see in the next picture the new gray phone like cable connected.
I can't figure out how to add more picture of remove and installing the flow switch. I can only attach these 4 pictures for now for some reason.


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Mar 25, 2008
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Considering I can buy 3 non Hayward ones for the price of a Hayward one. I am not complaining just yet. We shall see how it looks when mine gets here tomorrow.