DIY Exposed Pipe Outdoor Shower Plans?


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Apr 27, 2020

That was easily remedied. Water heater for pool house is directly on the other side of the wall. Plumber installed it during construction so it was really easy. Blowout at waterline in basement of main house to blow out the pipes for winter. Base is just left over trek from another job and PT 2x6. Directly over sand as I added the rocks after.
Love the enclosure -- where'd you get it? I can't find one anywhere right now!


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May 30, 2012
Montville NJ
Yes, that would have been much easier, and I have a burn on my foot (yes, I soldered in flip flops) to show for my weak soldering skills.

When I was going over the plans I was going to do pvc that was painted black and go the "oh, its not going to be metal" from the wife. So I landed on copper :)

It really wasnt that bad, plus I learned a new skill and got to buy a blow torch.
You could also go with threaded black pipe or galvanized pipe if sharkbites are to pricey and your skills at sweating pipes are sketchy.

You can get sections of pipe cut to length and threaded for you at the big box store. As long as you measure accurately, and plan assembly ahead (so you are not trying to turn an elbow when the wall is in the way) its easy to work with. I also happen to think it looks cool. I use if for things like a towel bar on my barnwood cooler and supports for a shelf on the desk I bullt.