DIY All Purpose Vacuum Project


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Nov 26, 2013

My son and I finished putting together a water feature vacuum yesterday that I'd like to share. I have several water features that have been tough to clean and this will make quick, quality work of them without having to empty them. There are plenty of pond vacuums that would do this, but I wanted something more "all purpose." I searched several forums and ended up using a tutorial from a youtube user by the name of BDRPOOLS.

Here's a video clip we made yesterday to send to some friends.

RIGID wet/dry vac 6.5hp - Home Depot $160
Filter for wet use only - Home Depot $15
Coupler - Home Depot $5
2" Flexible PVC Tube - Euwing Landscape & Irrigation Supply $10 (about $2/ft)
2" Check Valve -Euwing Landscape & Irrigation Supply $25
Blue Deck Basket Net - Lesley's Pool Supply $15

The Deck Net had a metal ring on it. I cut a slit and worked the metal ring out. Then I put some nylon paracord through it so I can pull it tight around the check valve.


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Jan 6, 2010
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If you put the word youtube inside square brackets and then the file number, you can embed it. Just the file number, not the whole thing. And then a slash in the closing square brackets. Like this: