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May 21, 2022
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I had my 27 Ft Above ground pool professionally installed a few weeks ago and the installers assured me the pool bottom will be perfect. They said we should wait a week to get in after the install. I read three days after the fill. We got in a few days after the fill and noticed right away several divots around the edge of the pool next to the foam cove. One was larger than my fist. I contacted installers and they said nothing to worry about. They also accused us of leaving the divots because we got in too early. Not sure how that could be an issue since when I felt the fist few divots we had never walked in that area. I am very concerned that the sand might have washed away from the edge in those area and could cause a liner rupture. Installers say I am being a customer that they will not make happy and are suggesting they come out and tear down the install, refund my $3000! I am just concerned that since they are growing in size and length there could be a washout. Also my automatic pool vac gets hung up on them. In the area where the divots are, I saw the installers throw sand against the area to fill in gaps where the pool bottom rail was not touching the ground! That is why I am concerned about sand washing out!


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Jul 10, 2012
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Hi and welcome to TFP!

Did they install a foam cove or did they use sand only?

On the outside is the rail sitting ON the dirt?

What is on the outside of the pool?

What did they put down for the bottom that needed a week before you could get in it?

Share some pics so we can really see what is going on. I have a couple of ideas.
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