Diving Board Refurbishment


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May 30, 2008
Seattle area
My old diving board (10' Continental, made in Baldwin Park, CA) needs a replacement part. The mounting strip (2"W x 15"L x 3/16" thick) is badly rusted (see pics) and needs replacement. I've had no luck finding the exact part online and wondered whether I need the full strip or just a 2-bolt replacement mounting kit like this: http://www.discountpoolmart.com/product ... vrk56qrkp6

I can go to the trouble of making a stainless steel replacement strip but, if a pair of bolts (without the strip) are structurally adequate, it would save me some time.

So, simple 2-bolt replacement kit or fabricate a duplicate stainless strip, what's your opinion?



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May 10, 2010
SW Louisiana
If the board is old enough to show these visble problems I would strongly suggest examining the fiberglass for cracks. My pool is a bit over 30 years old and is now on its 3rd diving board (diving boards don't get much use either), the first board snapped in half when a moderately heavy adult was jumping on it after about 10 years of use, the second board was showing signs of cracking a year or two ago, so when someone offered a free slighlty used 3-4 year old board removed from a pool for free that was the right size we "jumped on it" (pardon the pun)