Disposing of Hydrogen Peroxide


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Jul 8, 2009
Merrimack, NH
So, if I had a couple of un-opend bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide that were about to expire, would pouring them in the pool be a better way to dispose of them, than just dumping them down the drain?



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Is it the 5 or 10% over the counter stuff?
Small 1 liter (quart)?
Unless you have a septic system, it is normally safe enough to fill the tub with cold water 1/2 way, add, mix, drain, run the water for 5 minutes. One disclamer... some cities/counties have some concerns about doing this.

Ton of stuff you can use it for... Google... however, be careful of some of the suggested uses.
If you dilute it 1:1 (2%ish) you can use it to bleach your white t-shirts by soaking them in the solution... just keep your hands out.