Disconnecting Propane from Heater and new installation

Nov 3, 2013
Fort Worth, TX
I am replacing a 20 year old Raypak pool heater that was finally killed by the freeze here in Texas. I have a new heater (Pentair) arriving today and I am dismantling the Raypak heater. I need to disconnect the propane as one of the final steps. The gas is turned off and the propane company is coming Thursday to connect the new heater. Please take a look at my photos and let me know how to disconnect the propane from the current heater. As you can see, there is a copper line feeding a regulator. From the regulator I have black pipe feeding the Honeywell gas controller on the heater. It is unclear to me how to begin taking that apart.


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Nov 3, 2013
Fort Worth, TX
I tried to get in there with a large wrench, but there is no room to turn it with the heater in place. The regulator must have been installed before the heater was installed. The new heater is substantially smaller and will be easier to install. Any ideas?


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Jul 21, 2013
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The gas line looks like it is on a flex line. Can you pull the heater out to get room to get behind it to get the line off of the regulator?

Show us full pics of the heater and your situation.
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