Disconnecting pool heater, gas line question


Jun 2, 2016
Stafford, VA
I'm taking out an old, busted pool heater. Didn't work when we moved in, no plans to replace it in near future. I've attached a picture of the liquid propane line that has a ball valve and then a plug valve (?, turquoise colored part in pic) on top of that. Would you recommend capping the line on top of the plug valve with a black iron cap; or would you also remove the plug valve and put a brass plug in the bottom brass ball valve?



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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Remove the regulator and cap it at the ball valve with a brass cap. Make sure you get the correct cap from the hardware store (it looks like a swage or flare fitting...take a picture with you). You can keep the regulator if you ever plan to use it again (that size regulator runs about $60-$80) but leaving it out in the elements will trash it.
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